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A Goodman's Mental Health

November 30, 2020

Whilst we are all about helping you look and feel your best outwardly, we also want our community of Goodmen to take care of themselves inwardly. In an age where Men are taught to mask feelings and emotions whilst getting on with it, coupled with an increase in unsustainable perceptions of success, it’s easy to lose yourself from time to time. On this edition, we deal with recognising and understanding stress factors. 


Sometimes, men neglect to share feelings with people as it has been typically seen as the opposite of beingmanly.As a result, a lot of pent-up emotions and states of feeling can build up and cause men to react in ways which even surprise themselves. We must begin to introduce meaningful conversations into our day-to-day lives. Conversations can help ease mental burdens and offer a perspective you may not have seen.  


Many men are conditioned to feel valued in society by the number of financial gains they can bring to a relationship or a community. It’s important to show love, appreciation and gratitude to men in your life as it can go a long way in reducing mental strain to know you are loved regardless of finances. 

Finances Cont. 

The effects of COVID-19 have swept across the world, leaving unemployment and lost opportunities behind. It is important to understand you are not alone in any hardship you are facing. Whilst you may have to readjust habits and lifestyles to save where you can, try to adopt a grateful attitude when identifying noticeable changes. This mindset will help keep you positive

Work & Home Life 

Studies have shown that humans need a bit of fresh air, space and sunlight to work and feel best. It’s important to increase your self-awareness much more, especially living alone, so you are able to recognize when you need to change up the environment. Working and staying at home may see you spend entire days indoors and with the same people, so if you feel a drastic change in your mood compared to earlier in the day or the week, try to increase your walks and outdoor time. Where possible, ensure you get some alone time if you live with others, to focus on whatever you want, or a designated place to work away from the hustle and bustle of the household. A lack of independence and freedom plus a hectic working environment can cause significant stress to your brain. 


Boredom is probably one of the earliest signs that you are lacking stimulation and once you feel this you need to get yourself active. This may be the perfect time to have a long phone call with a friend, take a walk, or take part in a hobby you haven’t enjoyed in a while. It’s important to keep your mind active to help regulate your emotions and feelings. Best of all, accomplishing activities and tasks helps release dopamine – the feel-good factor! 


Written by Standpoint Studio