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Dating Advice for The Goodman

July 14, 2021


In an age where dating is more accessible than ordering food, people are often overwhelmed in the field of courtship. Today we look at how the Goodman can maintain himself in the dating scene!

From friends of friends to Tinder and Hinge, the dating landscape has exploded over the last decade or so, and the options are limitless. In this edition, we look at how The Goodman can maintain himself in the dating scene!

Persistence is not always key!

Whilst it's fun to play the hard-to-get game, it's not a good idea to chase someone who shows no interest in you. You should be with someone who wants you just as much as you want them!

Do you even like them?

Sometimes we spend so much time trying to impress a potential partner, we fail to take a step back and see if we even like the person we are trying to win the affection of. Our desire to be liked/loved can cloud our judgement!

Do you really like them?

The best relationships are built on the foundations of friendship. Be honest and ask yourself, would I be friends with this person I am physically attracted to? If not, you may need to reconsider dating them!

Fool me Once….

We all make mistakes, but anyone who continues to make the same mistake gives you insight into their character. Repeated actions indicate behaviour patterns, so stop ignoring the signs and make a decision if you have to!

Reality vs Perfection

Stop seeking that perfect romance! Not only is it selfish because it does not consider your partner's ideas, but it's also tough to come by. Don't let films and music gas you up!

Reality vs Perfection

The most genuine and most potent type of love is accepting the person for both the good and bad. You can see this with your family and friends, so you must have the same passion for your partner!

Kiss Chase

Whilst your love life is an integral part of living, remember to prioritise your goals, dreams. A fulfilled life is one where you have adequately succeeded in reaching your aspirations, and being able to do that with someone you love is the icing on the cake!

Written by Standpoint Studios