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Simple Hygiene Tips You Should Know

May 14, 2021


Whilst many believe men do not care much about their appearance, they do now more than ever before! Men also want to look and feel good, but there are many hygiene processes you should undergo before taking the time to look smart and handsome. It doesn’t mean staying in front of the mirror for hours, but here are some simple hygiene tips to follow:


Personal hygiene 

You’ll be utterly surprised after seeing recent threads on Twitter, but many men do not change their underwear often enough or keep them clean. It is high time you started thinking about it more! Choose your underwear carefully -Instead of wearing them too tight, try keeping them loose. Sounds awkward, right? Well, health experts suggest your little boys down their need enough breathing space. 

We’re not sure who needs to hear this, but keeping your underwear clean also means wiping your bottom well guys. 


Make sure oral & Armpits are in check!

Aside from being hygienic, it gives you the confidence to talk and walk majestically. Did you know rubbing lime under your armpit neutralises your armpit odour? Try it when you’re next in the shower along with your other body-care  essentials.

Secondly, the mouth is one of the most important areas of overall hygiene. Many feel like it is all about brushing their teeth. However, when brushing, making sure every part of your mouth is cleaned. Many guys forget to brush their tongues, which is the dirtiest spot.


Workout & eat clean
Although muscular men are the trend today, we should all enough we’re actively keeping fit and exercising often. 

Diet is also an important factor for keeping fit and feeling good. Which is why it is key to consume the right kinds of foods. Did you know some foods can make your body smell nice, such as fresh fruit and veg. Lastly, ensure you drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated and to clear out toxins.