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3 harmful ingredients lurking in your own cosmetics

March 19, 2020

Research and development have seen the spotlight increasingly grow on the items we use in day-to-day life, our habits and the way we live. Many of the household brands you use for the facial hair still include outdated ingredients, which have been proven to be harmful to your health. What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in, so we in this edition we look at why you should move to the Goodman Factory's natural oils!

Petroleum has been used in hair products since the 19th century and back then, it was a practical ingredient to use. With the leaps in science over the next 200 years, it's clear petroleum poses a significant risk with its use. Petroleum creates a seal on your beard, so it can seriously dry out your facial-hair and its greasy form, traps dirt easily. Rest assured, Goodman Factory uses no petroleum!

Mono- or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or MOAHs can act as genotoxic carcinogens, which promote the development of cancers and damages DNA through mutation. As for mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons or MOSHs, they can accumulate in the body and cause inflammatory reactions.

Mineral Oils
A byproduct of petroleum, while its true mineral oil has a lot of benefits for the body and skin, for facial hair it's an occlusive agent. This means it creates a barrier that seals off your beard from air and water. The barrier is stubborn too, so you need special washes to remove it, along with dirt you've built up. Switch to the natural goodness Goodman provides, as we only use organic, refined fruit and seed oils!

Written By StandPoint Studios

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