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5 Grooming Tips Every Goodman Should Know

June 28, 2021


You don’t have to spend a fortune to preserve your clean and pristine look, so in this edition, we look at how you can keep yourself fresh from the comfort of your home!

Protecting Privates
Many men forget that just like any other part of your body with hair, your pubic hair sweats! Make sure you stay fresh by powdering up, before you get your trousers on!

The Power of Cold Showers
Cold Showers not only wake you all the way up, but they increase the blood circulation in your body, making you alert and feeling positive and are also believed to help make your hair and skin glow!

Dealing with the Dreaded Itch
Sometimes, no matter what you do or use, after you shave your beard, it itches like crazy. Did you know using peppermint oil on your beard during your daily wash can help reduce the itchiness and even get rid of it completely!

Mint for Oily, Oily for Dry
If you find your pores produce more oil than necessary, using mint-infused shampoos and body wash products will help return your oil levels to normal. On the opposite end, products infused with oils such as tea-tree and Jojoba (as seen in Our Goodman Beard Oil) will help restore your natural sleekness!

Written by Standpoint Studios

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