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A Snippet of Facial Hair

February 11, 2020

A Goodman once said you must know where you're coming from to know where you're going. So on this edition, the Factory takes a look at the hair-raising history and facts about facial hair!

1. Beards; Signal, Statement, Symbol!

From Ancient Egyptians Kings and Queens, who wore false beards made of iron to symbolize divinity and Greeks and Early Indians who grew beards to embody wisdom, facial hair has always played a massive part in identity and culture and today we can see that in religion and ways of life!

2. Women and Beards?

Did you know women and men have the same number of hair follicles on their face! Women don't grow as much hair as men because of a lack of testosterone and a lower response to the hormone DHT. However, some women do grow hair and the record for the most full beard goes to Harnaam Kaur!

3. Stronger, Higher!

The hair on your face grows roughly 4 times thicker than the hair on the head, so maybe there is some truth in beards giving you power! Facial hair can also grow 4 times a person's height. Shamsher Singh received the world record for the longest beard in the world at 6ft in 1997, but seventy years prior to his claim, the record belonged to Hans Langseth, whose beard reached a whopping 17 ft 6 inches!

4. Battling Beards!

Beards have been both favoured and condemned in battle! Alexander the Great declared facial-hair a disadvantage in close combat, whilst Vikings used it to help them look even more menacing, going as far as to use tools and combs to groom them! If you touched a man's beard in the Middle Ages, it could have been taken as an invite to duel!

5. An Excuse to Drink (As if you really need another one?)

Get ready for some of the best news you'll hear all year with science proving drinking alcohol actually helps your beard grow faster! Alcohol increases the rate of conversion of DHT into the chief hormone that is responsible for beard-growth speed and beer specifically contains silicon, which is said to increase circulation and stimulate facial hair growth!


Written By StandPoint Studios

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