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Beard Vs Coronavirus

March 11, 2020

Viruses and Bacteria

With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus the world is on alert and
contrary to what you might see or read you don't need to chop off your
facial hair to make sure you remain healthy. Now, more than ever, Goodman
Factory's founding principles of self-care, self-love and the benefits of
grooming are more important than ever and by following daily treatment of
your beard along with our Oil and Grooming Kit, you can do more for your well-being!


Nothing is more important in preventing infection or it's spread by making
sure you keep yourself and your surroundings as clean as possible. Our
website and socials as well as instruction manuals with our capsules to
provide routines and the best methods for regularly cleaning and grooming
your facial-hair, meaning you can keep your beard as fresh, if not more clean than the rest of your body!

Goodman Goodies
Goodman Beard Oil is the perfect substance to help keep your beard hygienic
and clean throughout your day! Applying it after a wash and a scrub or
comb through, means that your beard is given a protective layer to lock in
the cleanliness and protect against further germs and invaders! Our liquid
gold contains Vitamin E, the warrior of vitamins, providing anti-oxidant
qualities and prevents itching so need to even touch your face and Jojoba Oil, which kills bacteria!

The Face-Mask

Should you feel you would want to wear a mask to protect yourself, make
sure you simply move your hair away from where the mask will be placed.
The media may have you believe it is apparently impossible to wear a mask when you have a beard!

Written By StandPoint Studios

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