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Common Misconceptions about Beards

April 24, 2020

Unless you are one of the lucky few who have the tools and are skilled self-shavers, or you live with a barber, chances are your hair has grown wild and free. This unprecedented pandemic has created nations full of beard owners from all walks of life. Since we are all sharing the beard experience, let's take a look with our new-found perspectives at some of the myths surrounding beards and manes!


“Beards mean your lazy”

This misconception comes from the ease of letting your hair flourish and is as absurd as saying long hair means you can't be bothered to get a hair-cut! Groomed correctly, facial-hair can look healthy, full and attractive. A well-maintained beard takes attention and care, which is the opposite of what most people believe!


“Beards are dirty”

Like any part of your body, regularly washing and self-care is vital for cleanliness and health, so here at Goodman, we hold those values at our core. A beard is only as dirty as you let it become so if you are a proud owner of a mane, introduce facial-hair care routines into your daily life!


“Beards are for the Eccentric”

Beards are for the old, for chauvinists and some go as far as to say beards are for extremists! Beards grow as naturally as hair around your body and your nails and bones. Facial-hair is just like the strands on your head, as both can be styled as uniquely or traditionally as you like. A beard is a statement of your very own, individual identity and an extension of your being, so it fits no stereotype!


“Beards are rough”

Whilst many believe beards are naturally dry and rugged, a rough beard is your body's way of telling you that your hair is lacking moisture and needs attention. By regular application of our Goodman Beard Oil and washing and brushing, your facial-hair can stay silky smooth and feel fantastic every single day!


Written By StandPoint Studios

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