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#GoodmanBeardTips: A Goodman Stays Hydrated

January 25, 2020

Revitalising, refreshing, vital; the benefits of water are countless so it's unsurprising that the life-source providing liquid can do wonders for your facial hair. We've listed some of the reasons why you should be drinking more and more water daily!

  • Water helps keep your cells functioning

Water is to humans what petrol is for cars. Our body mass contains somewhere between 50 – 70% water and as we rehydrate, we replace lost fluids and charge cells all over the body, helping you walk, run, eat, sleep and read this sentence.

  • Hair follicles are the last to receive waters goodness as it passes through the body

Water passes through the organs, skin and circulatory system before reaching our facial hair follicles. Ensure you're giving your bane a lions share of water intake, by drinking as much water as you can!

  • Hair is similar to plants

Just like plants, facial hair requires vitamin-providing water at its roots for it to flourish and sprout. Should you find your facial hair has become rough, brittle, patchy or has stopped growing, it may be time to up the amount of h2o your drinking!

  • Hair is made up of a large amount of water

A single strand of facial hair is made up of anywhere up to 25% of water. This means that the more water you allow yourself, the more strength and texture you can give to your beard!

Written by Standpoint Studios.

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