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Goodman Gifting on Christmas

December 22, 2020

Christmas. This year it feels more important than ever. After a complete year of never-before-seen events, chaos, and confusion, the festive season remains one of the few regular comforts we can enjoy. Whether you celebrate on a phone call, video call, in your respective bubbles, or socially distanced pop-overs, we’re here to help you enjoy the gift of giving with our selection of Goodman goodies!

The Gift of the Goodman

With lockdown underway, you may have noticed a loved one sporting an unwanted mane. This Christmas help a loved one embrace their God-given beauty and be proud of their free-flowing beards by gifting them with a selection of our Goodman Goodies. Our selection of items means no matter what type of care a beard may need, we have you covered!

Subscribing to Greatness

After surviving such a crazy year, it’s no doubt people have had the time to reflect on life and think about solid New Year resolutions and how to take care of themselves. It is apparent beard care has often been overlooked and must be included in a man’s daily health care routine. Help a loved one make that so much easier with a subscription to receive our liquid-gold Goodman Oil. Not only does it take away the hassle of having to restock but also helps keep your beard looking, feeling, and smelling magnificent!

Live this here Lifestyle

Here at The Goodman Factory, we believe in empowering men and embracing greatness, and not only can we help you to feel naturally great on the outside but we can also help you feel great within. Help a loved one start this New Year with a fresh outlook by joining our community of Goodmen this Christmas. We offer tips, hints, stories, and ideas on hair, men, society and so much more, as well as a place to share knowledge on beard care and beyond through our interactive online platforms.

The Goodman Online

Christmas Shopping has changed this year and many retailers are frantically trying to adapt to the move online. The founders of The Goodman Factory recognized the importance of the internet to both build communities to share knowledge and to ensure products can reach anywhere around the globe. So, shop with the peace of mind that you can send a Goodman Gift to anyone, anywhere with our tried-tested and constantly improved online store!

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