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Goodman Skin Care 101: There’s Truth in Beauty Sleep!

February 27, 2021


Often referred to as the largest organ on your body, the skin is in fact a collection of organs and tissues which are collectively known as the integumentary system. Whilst it protects you from outside forces and keeps all your other organs together, the skin has a mystical power that activates at night. Read on to find out more...


1. Sleep and Repair

As many of you already know, sleep is vital for the body to repair and grow, as it provides a stable and undisturbed environment for your cells to get to work. The skin takes part in that process, increasing collagen and melatonin to repair some of the damages and rebuild the skin!


2. Skin, Speak to Me

It’s not hard to see how effective sleep is for the skin. If you’ve pulled an all-nighter or haven’t had a good night’s sleep, your skin is the first tell-tale sign of this! Bags and darkness under the eyes, swollen faces and additional wrinkles all show you that your skin and sleep are intertwined, so make sure you are getting enough to stay as attractive as you can!


3. Skin: Purify & Pillows

Whilst it’s important to get enough sleep, you should also think about what your skin goes through and if you can help. Spending most of your day battling the elements before slamming your face on fabric for major hours may affect your skin. Maybe it’s time you started washing your face before you sleep or looking at the type of beddings you use? We recommend silk.

Written By StandPoint Studios


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