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Increase testosterone for facial growth

February 20, 2020

A Goodman Beard needs ample amounts of testosterone to stimulate hair growth and thickness. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is the catalyst for hair growth and its found in testosterone so if you want to give your hormones a boost, read on!


Obviously, what you eat plays a huge part in the balance and production of hormones. Make sure you get enough fats, carbs and protein from wholesome foods such as avocado and chicken breast!


Nothing is more manly than an image of men sweating it out in the gym and science has proved that exercising helps increase testosterone! Working-out has numerous amounts of health-benefits and Resistance Training (using weights) and High-Intensity Interval Training are known to be most effective towards testosterone production!


The good thing about testosterone is that it isn't super hard to increase. An earlier nights sleep and reducing stress within your day-day to life goes a long way! Get yourself in the sun more or boost your vitamin D intake with supplements!

It doesn't stop there. Hormones can be balanced and influenced through an active sex life, so get your groove on! Reducing the amount of sugar and estrogen-based products such as soy will also help and keep smiling and laughing in life as it boosts both your testosterone and general health!

Written By StandPoint Studios

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