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It's What's Inside That Counts!

February 26, 2020

Goodman Beard Oil is infused with natural essences, specifically sourced to promote your health and pamper the temple that is your body! Take a peek at just a few of the elements that will keep your beard, vigorous, attractive and free from germs!

Jojoba Nut
For the fact that the Jojoba plant flourishes in a desert environment which is uninhabitable for most, you can see why we would infuse it into our liquid gold. The nut from the plant produces oils which kill bacterias such as E.Coli, moisturises, adds a protective seal to beards and helps strengthen facial-hair!

Vitamin E
Jojoba oil contains a considerable amount of nourishing minerals and vitamins, but here at Goodman Factory, we've added a double and triple helping of Vitamin E! It helps increase testosterone, which stimulates hair growth, it prevents itching and dandruff and even helps the Jojoba oil remain fresh for longer!

Grapeseed Oil
The fruit of the gods, grapes offers us an unbelievable variety of products, one being grapeseed oil. This by-product of wine-making, provides your facial hair with the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that grapes provide. And not only does it revitalise your facial-hair but it also has numerous benefits for the skin and pores that your beard sits on!

Written By StandPoint Studios

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