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Maintaining Your Greatness: A Goodman & his family

April 16, 2020


Do your part in the battle against the pandemic, by staying indoors. On this edition we list several ways to keep the whole family busy!

 Arts and Crafts

They are tonnes of things you can do indoors together that will appeal to all ages. Try your hand at making some art pieces with little ones, or even fixing that thing you've been meaning to with some little assistants



 Goodmen can relive their childhood by getting competitive with the kids on game consoles. If you want something the whole family can enjoy, whip out a board-game or cards to enjoy classic fun-time. You'll be surprised how many hours fly by!


Chef it Up 

Teach your little ones how to cook their favourite dishes! Together, you can make sweets and treats such as cookies and cakes which are easy and tasty and introduce your youngsters to the wonders of cheffing!


 Use the home!

 You can turn parts of your house into forts and caves, with a bit of imagination and any items you have laying about. When workouts get boring, make them dynamic and fun by turning the house into an obstacle course! If you have spaces indoors, kids can even grow their own plants of hang up pictures!

Written By StandPoint Studios

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