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Maintaining Your Greatness: Wellness

April 16, 2020

Even in the midst of mayhem, the Goodman strives to better himself. Following in his footsteps, we look at how we can turn this period of downtime into personal elevation with mindfulness and wellness practices!


We don't need to rattle off the benefits of meditation because it would take more than a few posts to list them all. Meditation is a good practice to incorporate into your daily schedule and will offer wonders and fresh perspectives to everything you hear and see and totally change the way you perceive things and ideas!



Reading is a great way to spend hours in the day and night and in today's era, you have an abundance of ways to do it. Keep it classic with novels hidden in your home, read books online or even have them read out to you on apps such as Audible©!


Walks and Yoga

Long walks through your local area help you clear your mind, grab some fresh air and maintain your health. Yoga is a great way to improve different aspects of your body, flexibility and movement and is a great form of exercise to incorporate into your schedule. Both activities can be done with a partner too!



The good thing about writing is most people can do it and you can write about anything you want! Write up a diary or memoir entry through these crazy times or work on novels of fact and fiction from ideas and storylines you may have thought about before!


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