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November 02, 2020

Diet and Health: Why Men tend to neglect their health

When it comes to health, so many factors come into play (including age and diet). However, men seem to bother less about their health because of the belief instilled into them that they are naturally healthy. Men ignore health signs because of societal pressures that come into play, and as a result of that, they tend to do things that affect their body system. They are driven by a desire to fulfill expectations at all costs.

Women seem to care more about their health because of the pressure to always look good in society. However, this is not the case for men, and in reality, men who believe they have a dream to fulfill do not care about their looks. However, this does not mean men do not understand some things that aid their health. 

Below are some factors that cause health issues for men:

  • They go to bed at antisocial times

This is majorly common during university days among young men. They tend to stay up late at night doing academic work or social activities. Simultaneously, those focusing on social activities tend to get more sleep because they do not take academics seriously. On the other hand, those who are so focused on academics do not get as much sleep because they always want to cover every aspect of work. 


However, it is also common as men get older. The older men get, the bigger the responsibility, and this tends to give them sleepless nights. The pressure is always there to keep up with the hustle, because the survival of many depends on it. This is the first reason men do not give much importance to their health. The only time they rest is when the body demands rest.

  • Unhealthy Diet

Research has gathered that men who suffer from ulcers have a chronic issue because of their unhealthy diet. While many believe that ulcers are caused by not overeating, ulcers are caused by an unhealthy diet, which is very common among guys approaching the puberty stage. Besides that, men consume too much sugar, resulting in obesity or diabetes; this is rooted in their belief in getting what can be done quickly to eat.


  • Too many worries

Men have so many things going on in their minds, such as the worry of being able to be called a real man in society (which has to do with having things a man thinks he ought to have, in order to feel part of the community). An average man wants to own a car, buy a house, bring money in, and also be able to spend big in the club. While searching for the “pot of gold”, men forget to care for their body system. Many look rough in the process, and some even look older than their actual age, which makes them feel weary when they should be looking young.


  • Being Picky with Food

This begins during childhood days when boys start to select the kind of food and quantity they want from their mother. Boys are picky with food, they make the selection, and if their demands are not met, they tend to abandon their food. The sad truth about most of the food they are picky with is that it is the most beneficial to the body system, which is a habit they maintain until they get older. It is tough for them to do away with this habit when they get older.


  • Inability to monitor what goes in and out of their body

Men are not conversant about what goes into their bodies. At the adolescent stage, boys are liable to become smokers, drunkards, and take all forms of hard drugs that often result in complications. This is the reason cancer and heart disease have been higher among men than women. The reality is that the intake of alcohol and drugs results from peer pressure, trying to fit into the societal trend, so that they can be referred to as men. In the United States, men have lung cancer and heart disease more than women.


  • Inability to handle emotions

Well, this aspect looks funny, but it is a fact. Many young men start well. They were living healthy and were abstaining from things that cause harm until they are heartbroken. The reality is that, in the area of heartbreak, many parents did not educate their sons so when they suffer one, it results in disaster. They start doing what feels right, like excessive drinking, dangerous acts, and some even become chronic womanisers where they contract sexually transmitted diseases. No wonder diseases like hepatitis, gonorrhea, syphilis, and many more have been on the increase. It has caused severe concern among medical practitioners. 


  • Refusal to go for checkups

Many men do not go for checkups; it is only during old age, when all they have done during their youthful days begin to take a toll on their body, that they begin to take it seriously. By then, it is too late because their body no longer has the same strength it had during their youth. But the primary cause for this is because many young guys, and men in their mid 40s, do not see any importance in going for a checkup. What they can’t see or feel can’t harm them. However, men need constant checkups for the sake of their old age. From a man’s perspective, it may be that we do not like to hear any lectures that may scare us. The goal is to live freely; so one may not know if there are any complications developing in the body. When it is discovered on time, a medical solution can work faster, but it often results in untimely death if it is found late. This is the reason many men die in their 40s.

Overall, it is essential to check your health correctly if you want to live long. Aside from that, lifestyle and diet is crucial to longevity. The kind of diet we adhere to is significant, and this is why we discuss this in our podcast. Watch video below to enjoy this educative content on why men should look after their health.


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