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Self Isolation Guide: Maintaining Your Greatness

April 02, 2020


Even in the midst of mayhem, the Goodman strives to better himself. Following in his footsteps, we look at how we can turn this period of downtime into personal elevation, starting with the fuel for our bodies, food!

Knowledge is Health, Health is Wealth!

Foods such as ginger, are vital in boosting immune systems and that information can help you in times of illness. Researching about foods helps you understand not only the pros and cons of the food you've been eating but also what's lacking in your diet and the superpowers that different types of nutrients provide!

Chef it Up

Kill boredom, learn life-skills and become more attractive all in one, by improving your skills in the kitchen. Try your hand at dishes from all over the globe, add a twist to your favourite meals or perfect your specialities with your free time. With many restaurants and shops closed, there's been no better time!


Goodman, Good Food

Staying at home gives you the perfect opportunity to plan the timing and type of meals you eat. Alongside research, which will help you understand how food can benefit your body, a structured diet can help you achieve the results you want or even assess the best way your body receives its fuel. You'll be happy to know there's a wealth of information on the different ways to eat!


Gardens of Goodness

If you're lucky enough to have a garden or an outdoor area with soil, horticulture is another vital life-skill to learn. An excellent way to pass the time and grow a range of herbs, fruits, vegetables, shrubs and flowers, gardening can add homemade touches to every meal. As well as building your self-esteem, gardening also improves hand-eye coordination and strength, acts as a form of exercise and reduces stress! #stayhomesavelives

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