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Winter is coming...

September 24, 2020

Summer is over, i think...September has been kindly warm, but the cold winter is approaching. 

Over here at Goodman Factory, we have every Goodman’s best interest at heart. We kindly advise that every Goodman understands the importance of how much weather conditions impact your facial hair.

 During the winter the scalp is more prone to dehydration with the cold weather and intense indoor heat, which can result in a dry scalp and brittle hair. These changes in temperature can really damage your hair and scalp; team that with wearing hats that can cause stress and friction on hair strands and you could be pulling out clumps of hair every time you take your hat on and off, or face mask on & off.

 It’s important to remember that your beard picks up energy, your hair has a PURPOSE. It's not just there by chance. Your facial hair/beard makes your intuitive and wise. Your beard picks up information, from this realm and the spiritual realm. You need to be able to pick up signals and read those codes. The summer was nice and warm, how many of us were out enjoying summer 2020; having picnics in the park and soaking in all that sun? During these summer days, you’re constantly in the sun, picking up information and getting that VITAMIN D which your hair absorbs a lot faster in the summer; causing your thoughts to become a lot quicker. Your hair is alive - it's an extension of your nervous system. Your hair is important, it’s connected to the solar.

Countless stories in the Holy bible talk about the strength of your hair - remember the story of Samson, Delilah cut his hair, he lost his power and got weaker?We used to make jokes about certain athletes or rappers who  cut their hair and get worse, they lose the 'uhumph' *Rick Ross adlib*, in their performance. Your facial hair gives you that extra 'uhumph' As the summer draws to a close we still want to encourage our Goodman not to neglect their beard and beard care, so it continues to shine/ be a power source all year round. Notice when you walk around, people comment/compliment on your beard. People are drawn to your facial hair, it’s energetic, it pulls people in. It’s like a gravitational pull, it has a strong precedes and very strong aura attached to it, providing a shield from any type of danger.

Allow your beard to glow through the winter with Goodman Beard Oil, givingyou long lasting moisture retention, granting you 16 HOUR MOISTURE. Our facial hair oil protects your facial hair all winter preventing dry facial hair and split ends. 

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