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Beard Growth 101: Patchy beards

February 02, 2020

Protecting from damaging sun-rays, disease and bacterial infections, beards can keep you warm in cold climates and can do wonders for your love life! Growing a beard, however, can prove hard-going, slow or irregular.


Here at Goodman Factory, we've listed tips and information that will help towards your journey to a full bush of facial hair!

The basics, taking care of yourself
Like anything that grows, facial hair needs the best conditions to thrive. Ensure you are getting a good nights sleep and reduce stress and anxiety. Eating a balanced diet and exercising not only helps to reduce stress but help manage testosterone levels, aiding hair growth!

Growing a beard is a commitment
Contrary to popular belief, constantly shaving your beard does not help it grow. You have to let it bloom as much as possible, which means enduring the rough, itchy or patchy stages and resisting the temptation to chop it all off too soon!

Understanding the 'patch problem': All hair grows at about a quarter of an inch per month so no, your hair is not growing slowly. What we perceive as patches are more of an indication of thickness rather than length. If you have started to notice patches, it's time to give yourself some extra help!
    Dealing with the 'patch problem': Allow your facial hair to grow untamed for one to two months to help deal with patches. Alternatively, after one month of growing, you can trim hair down to the lowest level of strands to help hair grow back consistently!
      Goodman Workers have the best tools!: Not only does your beard deal with the residue of your day-to-day activities but it also battles the ever-changing climate conditions and this all will affect your budding mane. Regular oil application and grooming help your beard get thicker, stronger and feel great. Grab yourself some Goodman Beard Care Brush or Comb Capsule and give your growth the boost it needs!

        Did you know: Men who have beards which take longer to flourish are less likely to be bald in older age, whilst men who have beards from a young age are more likely to be bald!

        Written By StandPoint Studios

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